Sprinkler Head Controls Fire

In the early morning hours of July 18, 2013— RCFD responded to a fire alarm at St. Thomas More High School. First arriving Engine Company reported smoke and water coming from one of the Gym doors. A fire had started just inside the door where remnants from the gym floor refinishing were being stored. A lone sprinkler head activated as it was designed and held the fire to that area, reducing the potential for fire loss to the school.

Sprinkler systems are designed to save lives and reduce damage from fire and smoke. Water damage from a single sprinkler head is minor compared to the loss of property from a fire that engulfs the room and contents. This one sprinkler head activating as designed saved not only the wooden gym floor and bleachers, but also reduced the impact for the upcoming school year.

We are happy to report that after the smoke and water is removed, they will be able to get back to finishing the floors without a lengthy delay from extensive fire damage.

For information or questions on sprinklers systems and the impact on both commercial and residential fire suppression, please contact our Prevention Division at (605) 394-5233.


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