John Cowger - AFSA National Apprentice Competition Finalist

John Cowger - AFSA National Apprentice Competition Finalist

The 23rd Annual American Fire Sprinkler Association’s National Apprentice Competition took place in Dallas Texas where the nation’s top apprentices competed. The competition began June 11 with 140 apprentices sitting for a written examination proctored at testing sites throughout the United States. The top seven apprentices won expense-paid trips to compete in the national competition, held during AFSA’s Annual Convention & Exhibition. During the competition, participants took another, more thorough written examination and then installed a steel and CPVC sprinkler system. The systems are pressure-tested and participants were graded on accuracy, craftsmanship and safety.

Rapid Fire Protection’s John Cowger was recognized as one of the 7 National Apprentice Competition finalists. The skills obtained by John working in the field were put on display both during his written exams and work sample tests. John Cowger became the most recently recognized apprentice working for Rapid Fire Protection, Inc. and is a true testament to Rapid Fire’s belief of raising up exceptional tradesmen who constantly deliver value to the customers.

Started in 1994 by the late Robert L. (Bob) McCullough, then chairman of the Education & Apprenticeship Committee, AFSA’s Annual National Apprentice Competition was created to promote apprentice training and give recognition to the apprentices who are actively enrolled in the AFSA Apprenticeship Program. Over 20 years later, the competition continues to bring fire sprinkler apprentices from AFSA local chapter and member training programs from all corners of United States together in the association’s foremost showcase of excellence in training among future industry leaders.


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