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Celebrating 25 years of Saving Lives!

Great things come to those who wait. Or so it has been told. Rapid Fire is living proof that is truth! Twenty-five years in the making, this mom and pop fire sprinkler company began in October of 1993 in the basement of Marty Hammon’s house. Marty, the founder of Rapid Fire Protection, saw something that had the potential to be great. He took that vision and invested in saving lives through fire suppression systems. The result? A company was born and within the first six months had a total of six employees, four of which are our current leaders. That first year, annual sales volume was around $400,000.

Twenty-five years later, the humble beginnings flourished into 220 employees operating in four states with an annual sales volume of 34 million. It’s exciting to see the vision of a man back in 1993 come to life.

Looking forward to the next twenty-five years. How can we continue to move toward greatness? We believe by embracing leadership concepts that will spread throughout our labor force. Great companies respond with thoughtfulness to turn unrealized potential into results. Jim Collins covers the concept of creating and sustaining greatness in his book, "Good to Great".

It is not any more work to build something great then to build something good. In fact, research on the good companies show it might be more work. The hardest part is not to build something great, but to build something so it lasts.

Jim Collins
Author, Good to Great

We believe that Rapid Fire was built to last. Thank you for 25 years of leadership, growth, dedication, hard work and perseverance. We look forward to the journey that lies ahead! 

- Matt Hammon, CEO


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