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Protect your Property and Assets with Fire Protection Inspection, Maintenance & Repair

Always Safe, Always Prepared

With our certified inspectors and reliable service, we provide inspection of your fire suppression system so you have confidence that they will work when they are needed most. Our inspectors are ASSE Backflow Certified and will perform inspections to help you remain compliant with national, local industry, and insurance codes. Rapid Fire Protection can also meet all of your retrofit and remodel needs for your existing fire sprinkler system.

We provide 24-hour service, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Inspections can be scheduled at intervals that fit your requirements. This aligns with our firm belief in providing the highest level of service after the sale. From a simple wet system to a complex high-expansion foam installation, we can service any type of system.

Who we are:

  • NICET trained inspectors
  • Licensed / Certified / ITM Trained
  • ABPA and ASSE backflow certified

What we do:

  • On call 24/7
  • Fire Sprinkler inspection and service
  • Alarm inspection and service
  • Backflow inspection and service
  • Extinguisher and Hood inspection and service
  • Fire Pump and Tank inspection and service
  • Foam inspection and testing
  • Antifreeze inspection and service
  • Nitrogen systems inspection and service
  • 5-year internal inspections
Fire Sprinkler Inspection & Maintenance Services
Fire Sprinkler Inspection & Maintenance Services

Taking care of all your Fire Protection needs!

Taking care of all your unique fire protection needs.

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