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Employee Safety

Rapid Fire Protection, Inc. is committed to providing its employees with a safe and healthful working environment. To achieve this environment, the company has set forth goals and objectives to meet and tactics by which they will be accomplished.

Always Safe Always Prepared

Rapid Fire Protection, Inc. is proud to have excellent pipe fitters that have received recognition for their quality of work. In 2015, the Denver, CO Rapid Fire Protection pipe fitters were honored with quality and safety awards by Kiewit-Turner. The award is a great honor that our entire company is very proud of. Each crew of Rapid Fire Protection represents our company well and we are thankful for each one.


  • To annually reduce employee accidents and injuries until they stand at or near zero.
  • To help develop safe work habits and attitudes among employees.
  • To provide a channel of communication between employees and management.


  • To establish a Safety Program that will reduce the number of injuries and accidents to a minimum, not merely keeping with, but surpassing, the best experience of other operations similar to ours.
  • To reduce the injury rates by the maximum possible.


  • To quarterly review past injuries for trends by types and causes of accidents, shifts, repeaters, etc.
  • To annually review our Safety Program to meet the current needs of the company.
  • To provide supervisors and employees with annual safety training

In Case of Accident

If a physical injury does occur on the job site, workers must call our serviced Work Partner Triage Center. Our North Dakota triage service provider helps our company assess injuries immediately after they occur ensuring the safety and well-being of our workers is a top priority.

Safety Documents

Medical Management