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20 Sept

Annual Company Golf Tournament

Congratulations to the Rapid Fire Protection golf champions! Tournament winners Shawn Marta, Shane Leonard, Gabe Hastings, Ken Freeman and Brent Zimiga. Along with official RFP photobomber Jen Peterson.

The Ladies of Rapid Fire made a superhuman tutu clad appearance this year, Kassidy Eisenbraun as Iron(wo)man, Casey Watson as Bat(wo)man, Mindy Falkenhagen as Super(wo)man, Melody Sime as Iron(wo)man, Jen Petersen as The Incredible Hulk, Becky Ernst as Spider(wo)man, and CJ Miller as Wonder Woman.

We’d like to thank Rapid City Elks Golf Course for hosting the event, James Dyk for Organizing the event, and all of the employees who attended. A fantastic time was had by all and we look forward to seeing everyone again next year.